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幸运飞开艇168体彩开奖网 China TS Heater Technology Co., Ltd

168飞艇官方开奖结果最新版2022 全天历史开奖记录官网. TS heater Founded in 2009, engages in electric heating tube, shaped tubular heater, cartridge heater, Teflon heater, Hot runner heater, cast in aluminum/iron/brass heater, Thermocouple, TC, RTD pt100, Nickel Chrome ni80cr20, Heating cable, Blanket Drum heater, Silicone heater, Mica band heater, Ceramic heater........

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    Flange Heater

    Thanks to the Argentinian customer for placing the order. This customer was introduced by a friend, which is a wonderful relations

  • Cartridge Heater

    Cartridge Heater

    The Industrial Heating Elements Cartridge Heater consists of a metal tube filled with high resistance electric heating alloy wire

  • Cordierite Ceramic

    Cordierite Ceramic

    Cordierite Ceramic is a high-efficiency and energy-saving high-temperature resistant magnesium aluminum silicate material. Our com

  • Ceramic Parts

    Ceramic Parts

    Thanks to the Dutch customer for placing the order, our five-hole ceramic accessories are very popular with customers, because we