Tubular Heater

  • 3000 Watt Water Heater Element

    3000 Watt Water Heater Element

    3000 watt water heater element is a customized product, and the heating tube can be designed according to the customer's heating requirements.

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  • Electric Water Heater Rod

    Electric Water Heater Rod

    The electric water heater rod is suitable for most occasions that require electric heating. They can be used in a straight form or bent into various shapes, customized according to customer requirements.

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  • Low Temp Heating Element

    Low Temp Heating Element

    Low temp heating element, this product is customized according to your specific application needs. They have many different imperial and metric diameters and lengths, and come with many different style terminals, powers and rated...

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  • 1500w Heating Element

    1500w Heating Element

    1500w heating element can be customized and designed into various shapes according to customer requirements, rated power, voltage, terminal housing and sheath materials are also various, so it is very suitable for all types of heating...

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  • Immersible Heating Element

    Immersible Heating Element

    Our company specializes in developing all kinds of electric heating tubes with "strange shapes, different shapes, and difficult shapes". There is no standard and it can be customized. The immersible heating element can also be...

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  • Low Wattage Heating Element

    Low Wattage Heating Element

    Low wattage heating element is widely used to heat liquid, air or metal in a reliable, economical, and versatile way, and can be used in a variety of applications, including applications that have restrictions on small spaces. They...

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  • Types Of Heating Elements

    Types Of Heating Elements

    Types Of Heating Elements can be used to heat most substances or materials, and can be applied to plastic pellets and melt them to form molded plastic parts. It tends to have a higher power density.

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  • Stainless Heating Element

    Stainless Heating Element

    Both ends of the Stainless Heating Elemen are connected to the power supply through two lead rods. It has the advantages of simple structure, long life, high thermal efficiency, good mechanical strength, can be processed into various...

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  • Low Wattage Water Heater

    Low Wattage Water Heater

    The structure of the low wattage water heater consists of a computer-designed spiral seamless coil made of Beijing Shougang's nickel-chromium alloy resistance wire with a high nickel content and welded to a nickel-plated steel terminal...

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  • Geyser Heating Element

    Geyser Heating Element

    The geyser heating element can have specifications and materials can also be customized. The advantages of geyser heating element are high thermal efficiency, convenient use, simple installation, no pollution, and are widely used in...

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  • Industrial Electric Elements

    Industrial Electric Elements

    Industrial electric elements is a super-powered liquid heater. It is composed of multiple heating tubes, this product can be customized according to customer requirements.

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  • Oil Heating Element

    Oil Heating Element

    Oil heating element offers a variety of materials, suitable for various fluid heating applications. The terminal housing can be used in indoor, outdoor and hazardous environments. There are many options. Since we are a customized...

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