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  • 27/Oct


    Band Heater Plugs

    The band heater plug is used to connect the power supply to the heating element. Under control, they can provide straight or right-angle designs to provide various mounting options.

  • 28/Oct



    Four Hole of Same Size MgO Tube MgO Insulator Tube for Cartridge Heater MgO Tube for Cartridge Heater or coil heater Single 1 Hole MgO tubes for Electric Heating Heater 8 `Holy Magnesia tubes for Electric Heating Heater 8 `Hole Magnesia mgo tubes for Electric Heating Heater 99% F

  • 13/Oct


  • 14/Oct


    Plug With Thermocouple

    ​Thermocouple connectors have two types of pins.Standard size plugs have polarization round pins.Polarized pins prevent connection mismatches.Thermocouple connectors can also be ordered in smaller Thermocouple Plug

  • 17/Oct


    Internal Connection Cartridge Heater

    Heater Cartridges heater is made up of single head, electric heating tube, tube is to protect the shell (including electric heating tube of stainless steel, brass, various kinds of imported steel), uniform along the central axis helical tube of high quality electric heat welding

  • 18/Oct


    Mica Band Heater Machine

    diameter >25mm

  • 21/Sep


    Fin Heater

    fin tube heater Air Heating Electric Industrial Fin Tube Air Duct Heater for Dryers, Ovens, Ducts.finned tube heater AIR circulator Heating element.Finned tube heaters are easy to install and maintain. Flanged immersion heaters are designed for heating liquids and gases in vessel

  • 23/Sep


    Heater Terminal Box Cups

    The Heater Terminal Box Cups has high mechanical strength, good insulation, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance, so it is often used in various electric heating tubes to help electric heating tubes complete various heating tasks.

  • 29/Sep


    Pure Nickel Wire

    Nick cable is a ferromagnetic, commercially pure (99.6%) wrought Nickel with good mechanical properties over a wide range of temperatures, high ductility, and excellent resistance to many corrosives (in particular hydroxides).

  • 30/Sep


    Resistance Wire

    Ocr25Al5 Wire Widely used in industrial furnace, household appliances, metallurgy, machinery, aircraft, automobile, military and other industries to produce heating elements and resistance components. Ocr25Al5 Wire