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  • 24/Dec


    Flexible Tube Heater

    Thank Gabon's customer order, flexible tube heater is very popular with customers, is widely used in industrial, we can according to the requirement of the customer to complete the customer want to products, different style different size made use is different also, arrange shipm

  • 23/Dec


    The Delivery

    Thanks to the Peruvian customer for placing the order. Yesterday afternoon, we sent a batch of large goods, which were more than six meters long. We worked hard for a whole afternoon, it was really great. After the customer's products are finished, we will ship them out as soon

  • 22/Dec


    Ceramic Bobbin Heater

    Features: 1. The ceramic bobbin heater has good thermal efficiency and uniform heating; 2. High-temperature resistance. 3. Has good safety performance; 4. Long service life. 5. The ceramic bobbin heater is suitable for heating various electric boilers.

  • 21/Dec


    Customized Products

    Thanks to casablanca's trust and support, according to customer's drawings and requirements, engineers and customer discussed quickly, after a series of paper, finalised, we immediately to the fastest speed for customers need products, finished product out, immediately to the cus

  • 20/Dec


    Thank Customers For Ordering, Delivery

    Thank the American customer for placing the order. After the production of the products is completed, we will pack and ship them to the forwarder immediately and transport them to the customer as soon as possible. Thanks again for the customer's support and trust.

  • 17/Dec


    Silicone Heating Blanket

    The silicone heating blanket is a particularly soft heating belt composed of high-quality nickel-chromium alloy wire and insulating silicone rubber. Our factory can manufacture any specifications of silicone heating blanket.

  • 16/Dec


    Silicone Heat Mat

    ​Silicone Heat Mat Capable of operating with excellent performance under many adverse conditions, the low thermal mass of flexible heaters allows their use in applications where the space for placing a heater is limited and weight is a concern.Silicone Heat Mat

  • 16/Dec


    Immersion Heater

    Thank you for your support and trust.  🤝 🤝 🤝  Reorder immersion heaters  The immersion heater will be delivered to the customer immediately after production

  • 14/Dec


    Thank You For Customer Order

    Thank the customer order, this time in one of three big tray, total weight reached 3 tons goods, the order is more, the finned tube, for example, magnesium powder, mica plate products, such as quantity, so adopt the way of the sea shipment, our company commitment to product quali

  • 10/Dec


    Electrical Heating Elements

    Thank you for placing orders from Spanish customers, who really support our products and love our products very much. We also guarantee the quality and price of our products to them. The products have been produced, and we will arrange packaging and delivery immediately

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