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  • 10/Jan


    Very Good Quartily

    Thanks to the New Zealand customers for placing orders. The products are of very good quality and are deeply loved and praised by customers. After receiving the products, customers express their praise to us, which is the goal that our company has been pursuing and striving for.

  • 17/Jan


    Thank You Indonesian Customers For Placing Orders

    Thank you Indonesian customers for placing orders. We will arrange shipment after the product is completed. This is the NTH time we have purchased the product from our company. Thank you for your strong support and trust

  • 06/Jan


    J Type Thermocouple

    J Type Thermocouple ​Type J is very common in nuclear applications due to its relative radiation hardness.The highest continuous temperature is about 1100℃.Type J thermocouples usually work in most applications because they are nickel-based and have good corrosion resistance J Ty

  • 05/Jan


    Very Beautiful Coil Heater

    The coil heater element is a common product in our factory. All products of different specifications of the coil heater element. The annual sales volume is 1 million.

  • 04/Jan


    Ss316 Immersion Heater

    Thanks to the customer in Canada for placing orders. The immersion heater customized according to the drawings and sizes provided by the customer is of very good quality. The customer gives a high evaluation to our production this time,Thanks for the customer's support, happy coo

  • 03/Jan


    Electric Resistance Ceramic Heater Bands

    ​Ceramic band heaters are medium-to-high temperature heaters that have 600℃as a maximum working temperature. Electric Resistance Ceramic heater Bands provide long life and use less wattage (because of insulation) in plastics extrusion and injection molding applications.Electric R

  • 03/Jan



    Thanks to the customer in United Arab Emirates for placing an order. The flange customized according to the size provided by the customer is of good quality. The product is finished and ready to be packed and shipped to the customer

  • 31/Dec


    The Delivery

    Thanks for the Russian customers' strong support, the last batch of goods in 2021 has been sent out, and the perfect end of 2021. Thanks for the customers' constant support to us in this year,Live up to the expectations of customers, come on 2022, happy cooperation

  • 30/Dec


    Resistance Wire

    resistance wire Widely used in industrial furnace, household appliances, metallurgy, machinery, aircraft, automobile, military and other industries to produce heating elements and resistance components.

  • 29/Dec


    Delivered By DHL

    Thanks to the customer in Indonesia for placing orders. The end of the year is coming, and there are many products to be produced. Our factory speeds up the production for the customer, and immediately boxes and packages the products for delivery, so that the customer can receive