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Our company was founded with the purpose to provide the best quality hiland glass tube replacement, 55 gallon drum blanket, coil winder at competitive prices and to offer the best service to all of our customers. With good product quality, fast delivery time and considerate service, you will not have worries. The company has long-term spare parts preparation, after receiving customer purchase contact, provide all accessories or substitutes. We offer high quality product and competitive price, welcome the regular and new customers cooperate with us! We have formed a world-leading technology system and a service culture that makes customers satisfied with our heart. What our company pursues is higher and more stable quality, more comprehensive and professional services, and faster response. We fully consider the urgent needs of many customers for products, and maintain a stable inventory for a long time, which can meet most customer demands at the first time. We will always serve our customers based on a rich selection of products and an economical market price. We follow the world's science and technology forefront, strengthen independent innovation, and keep improving.
  • PTFE Teflon Tape

    PTFE Teflon Tape

    ​Manufactures its PTFE coated fiberglass tape using the latest coating technology. First we impregnate the fiberglass substrate, then lay down multiple coats of PTFE to build pure PTFE thickness and finally PTFE Teflon Tape

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  • Teflon Tape Fiberglass Tape Coats

    Teflon Tape Fiberglass Tape Coats

    Teflon Tape is a 5 mil pure skived Teflon (PTFE film) tape with a high temperature silicone adhesive. It comes self-wound without a liner. Used in electrical applications such as harness / coil wraps & separators Teflon Tape Fiberglass...

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  • SSR Solid State Relay

    SSR Solid State Relay

    SSR solid state relays are electronic non-contact switches. The main features are small control signal input, directly driving large current loads. It is widely used with temperature control instruments

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  • Solid State Relay 40A

    Solid State Relay 40A

    One such advantage is that they can be switched by a much lower voltage and at a much lower current than most mechanical relays, and since there are no moving contacts, solid state relays can be switched much faster and for much longer...

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  • Heaters High Temperature Plug

    Heaters High Temperature Plug

    1. Special high temperature and strength aluminum alloy case can resist to high temperature 500C, high voltage (220V to 600V), long life, jacket specifications diameter 4mm, 5mm and 6mm.
    2. Silicone rubber shell can resist to...

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  • Band Heater Plugs

    Band Heater Plugs

    The band heater plug is used to connect the power supply to the heating element. Under control, they can provide straight or right-angle designs to provide various mounting options.

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  • High Temperature Plug

    High Temperature Plug

    High temperature plug, Ceramic Plug Connector, Porcelain Plug Socket is made of ceramic and cooper core, outside is made of metal aluminum protection shell or silicone rubber protection shell.High Temperature Plug

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  • Immersion Electric Heater Terminal Box

    Immersion Electric Heater Terminal Box

    The advantages of the immersion electric heater terminal box 1) Convenient wiring, reasonable opening position, reasonable design, and easy installation. 2) Perfect structure, beautiful appearance, using high-quality raw materials...

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  • Heater Terminal Box

    Heater Terminal Box

    The heater terminal box has water-proof, dust-proof, and insulating properties.

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  • Heater Terminal Box Cups

    Heater Terminal Box Cups

    The Heater Terminal Box Cups has high mechanical strength, good insulation, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance, so it is often used in various electric heating tubes to help electric heating tubes complete various heating tasks.

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  • Heater Terminal Box Cup

    Heater Terminal Box Cup

    The raw material of the Heater Terminal Box Cup is phenolic plastic. The Heater Terminal Box Cup has a hard surface, fragile and fragile. It sounds like a wooden board when it is hit. It is mostly opaque and dark (brown or black). It...

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  • Terminal Box For Teflon Heater

    Terminal Box For Teflon Heater

    Advantages of the Terminal Box for Teflon Heater 1) Chemical resistance, not easy to react with other items. 2) Heat resistance, the heating tube is not afraid of melting polypropylene when used at high temperature. 3) Insulation,...

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This company adheres to the business philosophy of honesty, people-oriented, service first, learning and progress, and win-win cooperation. As a customer of this company, we felt a very good shopping experience.
I've been ordering from this supplier for four or five years, their service is very good, and I will continue next year!
Such things are cheap, affordable and practical. Why not buy them? How could such a speed of delivery be unreasonable? How can such a high-quality company not cooperate?
This company has online customer service, hotline and email. Whenever we feed back problems, they can respond in time and provide solutions.
Their customer service is good and they answer all questions patiently.
The workmanship of the goods is very fine, and the packaging is better than I imagined, I recommend this supplier to you!
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Fiberglass Tape COATED WITH TEFLON® PTFE Protect your poly bag and shrink wrap equipment. Acts as a protective barrier to hot wire contacts. Temperature range up to 500°F. TAPE - Adhesive tape is used under the heating wire. For use with all sealers. 3 and 5 mil - Silicone adhesive. 3" core. 10 mil - Thicker tape withstands heat twice as long....

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The PTFE (Teflon) (Polytetrafluoroethylene) coating surface provides excellent release property, and the adhesive side will make sure the stable adhesion in high temperature below 260 degrees. Teflon coated Fiberglass Tape has a yellow ...

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PRECISIONTAPE™ is made from non-woven fiberglass cloth coated with PTFE, a combination that deliver excellent dimensional stability, tensile strength, and durability, as well as extremely low elongation (<1%). PTFE has a very low ...

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Fiberglass Tape. COATED WITH TEFLON® PTFE. Protect your poly bag and shrink wrap equipment. Acts as a protective barrier to hot wire contacts. Temperature range up to 500°F. TAPE - Adhesive tape is used under the ...

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6605-10 Fiberglass Cloth Tape Read more; DW 134-3 PTFE/Glass Cloth Tape Read more; DW 134-5 PTFE/Glass Cloth Tape Read more; The Specialists in Specialty Tapes. sales@taperite.com Phone: 1(800) 882-7348 Fax: 1(516) 328-0344 131 Lakeville Rd New Hyde Park, NY ...

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【Tape Material】Made of PTFE coated fiberglass fabric coated with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive,which is durable and high temperature resistant. 【Tape Size】Each fiberglass Teflon tape roll measures 1 inch (25mm) in width, 33 feet ( 10m) in length, and 5 mil (0.13mm) in thickness, which can meet your different application....

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