• Heating Element Winding Machine

    Heating Element Winding Machine

    The heating element winding machine is used to manufacture compact spiral coils. The use process of the heating element winding machine is: the brake gear winds the coil on the pay-off shaft, and the resistance wire is guided to the...

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  • Winding Machine For Cartridge Heater

    Winding Machine For Cartridge Heater

    Winding Machine for Cartridge Heater can manufacture compact

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  • Heating Tube Winder

    Heating Tube Winder

    The heating tube winder can automatically hold the end of the resistance wire when winding, and there is no need to pull the end of the resistance separately when winding on the frame. Reduce one step to improve overall production capacity.

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  • Heating Tube Polishing Machine

    Heating Tube Polishing Machine

    The heating tube polishing machine is a piece of very simple and efficient polishing equipment. One of the motors drives the polishing wheel at high speed, and the reduction gearbox of the other motor drives the rollers. We can easily...

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  • Heating Tube Filling Machines

    Heating Tube Filling Machines

    The heating tube filling machines introduce PLC and programmed counting components. The user can design the actual length (empty tube length) by operating on the touch screen, and it is very easy to adjust the length of the heating tube...

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  • Tube Shrinking Machine

    Tube Shrinking Machine

    Tube shrinking machine is specially designed for shrinking special-shaped tubes. (Special-shaped tube: flat tube, square tube, oval tube, etc.). Some regular shrinking machines cannot meet this technological requirement. Advantages of...

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  • Reducing Rolling Mill

    Reducing Rolling Mill

    Features of Reducing Rolling Mill: a) Suitable for larger diameter reduction; b) Suitable for long restorations; C) The larger Cardan shaft is more durable;

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  • Reducing Rolling Mills

    Reducing Rolling Mills

    Reducing rolling mills use multiple sets of gears, which are connected to motors, and a set of high-torque reduction motors are set up. In this way, it can avoid that the transmission device is not strong enough or the motor is easily...

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  • Reducing Machines

    Reducing Machines

    Features: The reducer is improved on the basis of the popular reducer in the market. Ordinary reducers are very easy to damage because of the lack of electric motors. We added a pair of bridge gears and used double Cardan shafts to...

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  • Rolling Press

    Rolling Press

    Features: 1) Applicable shrink tube: small round tube, flat tube, square piece, etc. 2) The rolling press in our factory is similar to most reduction machines on the market and is mainly used for tubular heaters with a short length...

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  • Reducing Mill

    Reducing Mill

    The main features of the reducing mill: Features: The design of reducing mills is generally used for small heating elements. The small heating element has a compact structure and high precision.

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  • Heating Tube Filling Machine

    Heating Tube Filling Machine

    Heating tube filling machine: The function of the heating tube filling machine is to fill MGO into the single outlet heating tube.

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