• Mgo Powder Filling Machine

    Mgo Powder Filling Machine

    Our company is a leading mgo powder filling machine factory in China. Our company produces a variety of high-quality mgo powder filling machines. Our mgo powder filling machine is suitable for all kinds of heater manufacturing. Our...

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  • Mgo Filling Machine

    Mgo Filling Machine

    mgo filling machine is a double-layer direction chain drive filling machine. The mandrel is relatively fixed. Insert one of the two transmission mechanisms into the catheter, and the other drives the catheter mechanism to descend...

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  • Hot Runner Heater Winding Machine

    Hot Runner Heater Winding Machine

    The hot runner heater winding machine is equipped with PLC and touch screen control. Specializing in the production of rotating heating belts for the manufacture of hot nozzle flat tubes. This kind of spinning reel has a very small...

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  • Heating Tube Winding Machine

    Heating Tube Winding Machine

    The heating tube winding machine mainly produces high-density electronic parts with single-ended lead-out heater parts, such as mica sheet electronic parts and carbon electronic parts.

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  • DG30 Swaging Machine

    DG30 Swaging Machine

    DG30 swaging machine is specially designed for the industrial production of electric heating tubes with small batches and multiple specifications. It can produce high-density single-ended heating tubes and double-ended heating tubes. It...

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  • Pipe Cutting Machine

    Pipe Cutting Machine

    The pipe cutting machine is a high-quality product produced by us, which is used to cut the heating pipe. The production efficiency of the pipe cutting machine is very high, and it can cut about 10,000 in 8 hours.

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  • Heater Face Lathes

    Heater Face Lathes

    This Heater Face Lathes is fully automated, has a very high production efficiency, and can output more than 1,000 units per hour.

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  • Heater Face Lathe

    Heater Face Lathe

    A semi-automatic face lathe is a type of Heater Face Lathe. Many advantages of this product are hydraulic propulsion. The advancing speed can be selected, the efficiency is very high, the rotation time during processing reaches 3-4s,...

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  • 16A Type Tube Reducing Machine

    16A Type Tube Reducing Machine

    The structure of the 16A type tube reducing machine is basically the same as that of the Reducing Machine/Pipe Reducing Machine, in order to be suitable for rolling into large-diameter, long-diameter square or round tubes. The 16A type...

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  • 16B Type Tube Reducing Machine

    16B Type Tube Reducing Machine

    The 16B type tube reducing machine is equipped with a straightening device, so there is no need to straighten it again. The surface of the shrink tube is smooth and round. The shrink tube of 16B type tube reducing machine has high...

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  • Pipe Reducing Machine

    Pipe Reducing Machine

    We made the pipe reducing machine into 14 stations, and we can also use the customized station reducing machine. The performance of pipe reducing machine is better than that of Pipe Reducing Machines, and the enhanced Pipe Reducing...

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  • Pipe Reducing Machines

    Pipe Reducing Machines

    The structure of pipe reducing machines is basically the same as that of Roll-Reducing Machine/Reducing Machine. In order to adapt to rolling into large-diameter and long-diameter square or round pipes, the machine is divided into...

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