• Heating Tube Roll Reducing Machine

    Heating Tube Roll Reducing Machine

    The heating tube roll reduction machine is a machine specially used for hot runner heaters. The main purpose of the heating tube roll reduction machine is to reduce and produce square tubes, rectangular tubes, and float tubes, filling...

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  • Cartridge Heater Restoration Machine

    Cartridge Heater Restoration Machine

    Cartridge heater reduction machines are generally used to reduce short heating elements. During the period of reducing short heaters, this process is very difficult and inefficient. The cartridge heater reduction machine covers the...

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  • Heating Pipe Reducing Machine

    Heating Pipe Reducing Machine

    The heating pipe diameter reducing machine is designed by our company for large diameter, high density, and long element reduction. Now it is mainly used to reduce mineral insulated cables, reduce large diameter heaters, reduce...

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  • Feeding Machine

    Feeding Machine

    The feeding machine is equipped with PLC, and the operator can operate the PLC to allocate the corresponding work of the machine, of course, at the same time carry out the high voltage test. The feeding machine is mainly conveyed by...

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  • High Frequency Welding Machine

    High Frequency Welding Machine

    The high-frequency welding machine uses high-frequency power as the welding machine, and the machine is also equipped with a steering device and a cooling system

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  • Heating Tube Straightening Machine

    Heating Tube Straightening Machine

    The TZ-12 straightening machine is equipped with a device for MGO powder, which can add MGO powder to the heating tube. If the pipe of the heating tube is not in a straight line, it goes directly to the straightening machine for...

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  • PTC Type Ceramic Heating Plate

    PTC Type Ceramic Heating Plate

    PTC type ceramic heating plate is safe and environmentally friendly. The heating temperature of the heater body is designed to be below 280 degrees Celsius. In any case, the body is not red and has a protective isolation layer. Any...

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  • PTC Ceramic Heating Element

    PTC Ceramic Heating Element

    PTC ceramic heating element saves power. This product relies on the characteristics of the material itself and adjusts its thermal power output according to the change of the ambient temperature, so it can optimize the power consumption...

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  • PTC Aluminum Plate Heater

    PTC Aluminum Plate Heater

    PTC aluminum plate heater saves cost and has a long life. PTC aluminum plate heaters do not require temperature sensors such as special thermostats and thermal resistance thermocouples for temperature feedback. The heating can be...

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  • Ptc Heaters

    Ptc Heaters

    This type of PTC heater of our company has the advantages of small thermal resistance and high heat exchange efficiency. It is an electric heater with automatic constant temperature and power saving. The outstanding feature lies in...

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  • Pipe Straightening Machine

    Pipe Straightening Machine

    Pipe straightening machine: The pipe straightening machine is used to adjust pipes with a minimum straightening length of 450mm and straightening diameter. Advantages of pipe straightening machine: 1) The operation is very simple 2)...

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  • Heating Element Filling Machine

    Heating Element Filling Machine

    The heating element filling machine is an automatic filling machine. At the same time it is also a one-way machine, that is, a single-layer catheter. The main advantages of the machine: 1) Large capacity 2) Accelerate the filling...

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