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The use of electric soldering iron heating core

Mar 17, 2021

The use of electric soldering iron heating core

The advantages of electric soldering iron heating core:

1: The structure is simple.

2: Small size.

3: The heating speed is fast.

4: Heat evenly.

5: Fast heat dissipation.

6: It is safe to use without open flame when it is hot.

7: The heating circuit is completely isolated from the air.

8: No oxidation phenomenon occurs.

There are two main types of soldering iron cores at present:

1: Resistance wire winding

2: Resistor paste firing.

Use matters of the soldering iron core:

1: When soldering the circuit board, be sure to control the time.

2: Too long, the circuit board will be burnt, or cause the copper foil to fall off.

3: When removing the components from the circuit board, you can stick the soldering iron tip on the solder joints, and pull out the components after the tin on the solder joints melts.

4: The temperature of the soldering iron has a certain relationship with the volume, shape, length, etc. of the soldering iron tip.

5: When the volume of the soldering iron tip is relatively large, the holding time will be longer.

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