Copper Nozzle Band Heaters

Copper Nozzle Band Heaters

Copper Nozzle Band Heaters Copper Nozzle Band Heaters  has mica, ceramic, microtubules and sealed type.A nozzle with a heater with a built-in thermocouple is also available.We recommend brass bushing and external high temperature applications in microtubule-nozzle heaters.


Copper Nozzle Band Heaters

Brass strip heater for nozzle coil heater of injection molding machine

Brass nozzle belt heater has a variety of designs and styles, suitable for different applications.The connection between the heating element and the lead is protected by a special fitting made of 1mm thick brass, without welding, which gives the heater high mechanical strength where it is most vulnerable.The result is a more efficient heat-transfer - performance solution that lowers the component line temperature and increases the heater.

Copper Nozzle Band Heaters are designed for extremely high pressure, ensuring high insulation, good heat exchange, no internal air Spaces, perfectly smooth contact area for optimal and even heat transfer to each part of the nozzle.

Copper sheath material.

The sheath is made of high quality steel or brass.

Metal woven glass fiber terminal.

Features:Copper Nozzle Band Heaters

1. Seal belt type brass heater, both ends can be folded

2. Connection of belt heater, waterproof technology

3. Electrical insulation of mica plate

4. Connection mode: nickel core, glass fiber insulation + ground wire;Protected by galvanized steel ring

5. Max.Watt density :5 W/cm squared (power tolerance :+ 5% - -10%)

6. Diameter :25 to 150mm

7. Height :25 to 70mm

8. Max.Heater surface operating temperature :340℃, depending on the working conditions.

Brass sealed nozzle heaters are high pressure, ensuring high insulation and good heat exchange.

The application:Copper Nozzle Band Heaters

Hot runner bushing.

Plastic machine nozzle.

Injection molding machine

Cylinder and drum

Copper Nozzle Band Heaters details:

The voltage :12 ~ 440 v

Maximum power :5 w/cm2

Diameter:25mm - 150mm

Height :25mm-70mm

Heating wire: nicr2080

Insulating mica

Sheath brass tube

Operating temperature: 0 ~ 800 c

"J" type (or) thermally protected "K" thermocouple

Copper Nozzle Band Heaters

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