Heater Mica

Heater Mica

​Constructed with a mica core wound with wire which call mica band heater . The core is then bent into a circle band. Leads are attached before the final outer sheaths are attached to complete the heater.Heater Mica


Advantages of Heater Mica

1. Fast heat transfer, uniform heating and stable operation.

2, the temperature is not leakage, can save energy, cover touch not hot, safe work.

3. The product has high power. The power of ceramic strip threading is 0.5~1.5 times higher than ordinary ones Heater Mica

4, Europe and The United States high temperature resistant heating wire, with fast heat dissipation, heat uniform, stable high temperature and other characteristics, can be used at 600-800℃ for a long time.

5. Long product life, because raw materials age slowly at high temperature, so long product life.

6. Meet the technical requirements of NATIONAL GB.

Power deviation +5% ~ -10%.

7. Electrical strength: no breakdown in 1MIN after voltage 1500V /50Hz sinusoidal AC voltage test.

8. High mechanical strength, good thermal insulation performance, large contact surface with heated object, long service life.

9. Easy installation, maintenance and low cost of use. Even if the internal heating material is damaged, the external ceramic device can still be reused.

Properties of Heater Mica

Brief performance of ceramic heating ring: it is mainly applicable to extrusion, casting and underthrust mechanical operation temperature can reach 450 degrees, the maximum surface load is 6.5W/ CMM. It is characterized by long life and high temperature resistance, 30% reduction in energy consumption, high insulation, is the most suitable electrical heating products for extruders, injection molding machines, film blowing machines.

Heater Mica suitable for the industry

Plastic injection molding machine, chemical industry, chemical fiber, drying furnace, extrusion, medical infrared radiation treatment, casting and various pipe heating.

Mica heater

Band heater

heater band

Mica band heater

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