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We emphasize advancement and introduce new products into the market each year for dimplex 80w tubular heater, dimplex thermostatic tubular heater, silicone heat resistant mat. We establish a brand group in line with our own development, promote our brand in an all-round and three-dimensional manner, and establish a positive brand image. We take the ability and development potential as the important basis for employee hiring, and allocate the right talents for the company. The company's products are widely used in all walks of life and are recognized by many customers. There are offices in many cities across the country, and a strong marketing and service network is spread all over the country. Our corporate mission is to focus on user needs, provide more competitive products and services, and enhance social benefits. We are willing to cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life, and look forward to contributing to the industry. We constantly improve the management efficiency and economic efficiency of the company, and strive to become an enterprise that can put the capitalists at ease, satisfy the customers, be praised by the society, and make the employees happy. With the efforts of all members of the company, we have formed a unique business philosophy, a scientific supervision mechanism, and a perfect market system, which have continuousl
  • K Type Thermocouple

    K Type Thermocouple

    K Type Thermocouple ​Type K is very common in nuclear applications due to its relative radiation hardness.The highest continuous temperature is about 1100℃.Type K thermocouples usually work in most applications because they are...

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  • Temperature Sensor RTD PT100

    Temperature Sensor RTD PT100

    Temperature Sensor RTD PT100 Terminals: aluminium head with threaded cover and chain, different types of terminals. The end of the element is a nickel-plated brass terminal mounted on a high purity ceramic terminal block.Temperature...

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  • RTD PT100 Sensor

    RTD PT100 Sensor

    RTD PT100 Sensor These rigid sensors have a stainless steel welded closure end sheath.The Pt100 sensor is 10mm long and sits on top of the jacket, which means a minimum immersion depth of at least 50mm.The sensor is rated at 250 ° C.RTD...

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  • RTD PT100

    RTD PT100

    ​RTD PT100 is suitable for the measurement of liquids and gases across a wide temperature range of -50 to +300°C and the 3 wire Class sensor gives excellent accuracy across the full measuring range.The lead wire is usually copper...

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  • K Type Thermocouple Range

    K Type Thermocouple Range

    Using a thermocouple will allow higher temperature readings than conventional thermistors.The k thermocouple has a temperature range of 0-600 ℃, which is more than enough for any thermocouple on the market.K Type Thermocouple Range

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  • Thermocouple Wire

    Thermocouple Wire

    Thermocouple Wire ​The purpose of this section is to serve as a guide for selecting conductors to meet the requirements of most temperature measurements.It is characterized by a wide selection of conductors, insulating materials and...

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  • Thermocouple Extension Cable

    Thermocouple Extension Cable

    Our factory specializes in the production, export, and supply of thermocouple extension Cable. The extension wires are provided under our premise, using high-quality raw materials and advanced technology, in line with preset industry...

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  • J Type Thermocouple Wire

    J Type Thermocouple Wire

    J Type Thermocouple Wire Thermocouple extension line is the key to maintain signal integrity when thermocouple signal is extended.Specially constructed RTD lines provide superior performance than off-the-shelf cables.The extension line...

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  • Thermocouple Cable

    Thermocouple Cable

    Thermocouple Cable Use of waterproof, oil-proof, anti-corrosion and high temperature PTFE layer and pure copper silver-plated wire. This thermocouple wire can be used to make your own thermocouples for a wide range of applications, or...

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  • MI Thermocouple Cable

    MI Thermocouple Cable

    MI Thermocouple Cable Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Cable,Is it used to insulate the thermocouple wires from each other and from the metal sheath around them,Fast thermal response, flexible, long service life, good air tightness,...

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  • Thermocouple Plug

    Thermocouple Plug

    ​Thermocouple connectors have two types of pins.Standard size plugs have polarization round pins.Polarized pins prevent connection mismatches.Thermocouple connectors can also be ordered in smaller Thermocouple Plug

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  • Thermocouple Socket

    Thermocouple Socket

    Thermocouple Socket Thermocouple yellow plug, connecting device, the precision of temperature thermocouple wire connector is generally used to line the connection between the recorder and temperature, by a male plug and a socket, make...

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The service staff from this company was easy to work with, she answered all my questions and placed my order in no time.
The company has been helping us with small issues in shipping and reassuring us, very professional, and they treat their customers like a friend.
Your prices are more expensive than any other company, but I'd say there's a reason for the price! I haven't seen a manufacturer with such fine workmanship in a long time.
The packaging is very careful and strict, this time is a very satisfactory cooperation, thank you!
I will continue to order this product when there are events in the future. It is just right for use, and I highly recommend it!
Your company has always had "quality first" as its philosophy, and we are so pleased that you have indeed done the same.
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