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With its high quality and robustness, our flexible mica sheet, omega thermocouple wire, teflon tape has proven to be reliable and durable in any environment.The scale of the company ranks in the forefront of the industry and has become the preferred manufacturer in the alumina ceramic rod industry, providing high-quality products and services and advanced system solutions. Scientific management and optimal allocation is an effective way to improve the quality of production and operation. Our product styles are diversified, and product categories are digitized. We passionately follow the philosophy of building long term relationship with our associates, customers, suppliers and employees and have strong bonds of trust, mutual understanding and reliability. We believe that employees are the most valuable resources and assets for enterprise development. Choose us, sharing a win-win situation! Our company has a complete set of technology and equipment, for the good quality and high efficiency price of the products to provide a solid guarantee and foundation. The company adheres to the tenet of "product first, service first, conforming to the market, and benefiting mankind". The product and service tracking network developed by it has been constructed and perfected from the headquarters to the market terminal. Distributors and consumers at all levels can receive timely and high-quality After-sales service.
  • Thin Mica Board Mica Sheet

    Thin Mica Board Mica Sheet

    Thin Mica Board Mica Sheet Excellent flame retardant, maximum high temperature resistance is 800℃. Good insulation strength, the highest breakdown voltage is 20KV/mm. Good bending strength and flexibility. Asbestos....

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  • High Quality Mica Sheet

    High Quality Mica Sheet

    High Quality Mica Sheet Products are widely used in household appliances (iron, hair dryer, toaster, kettle, cooker, microwave oven, air heater), metallurgy (high-frequency furnace, medium frequency furnace, electric arc furnace),...

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  • Ceramic Rod Ceramic Tube

    Ceramic Rod Ceramic Tube

    Ceramic Rod Ceramic Tube for thermocouple or heater 1800C 9 alumina Al2O3 ceramic bar is our main product.We are producing high quality alumina ceramic rods. With 99.7% alumina as the main raw material, 85% and 95% alumina rods are...

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  • Insulating Alumina Ceramic Part

    Insulating Alumina Ceramic Part

    Insulating Alumina Ceramic Part Talc porcelain is made of mineral talc (3mgo.4siO2.H2O) as the main raw material, adding appropriate amount of clay and BaTi03 and other ingredients through the mixing process of grinding, molding and...

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  • Ceramic Insulators for Heater Elements

    Ceramic Insulators for Heater Elements

    ​Alumina ceramic is a kind of structural ceramic, which has the characteristics of insulation resistance, voltage resistance, high strength, good thermal conductivity, low dielectric loss and stable electrical performance.Ceramic...

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  • Ceramic Insulators for Heaters

    Ceramic Insulators for Heaters

    1) There are many specifications to choose from.
    2) Meet various technical requirements
    3) Reduce medium loss
    4) Good insulation and high temperature resistance Ceramic Insulators for Heaters

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  • Ceramic Bobbin Tube

    Ceramic Bobbin Tube

    ​These precision tolerance ceramic components or components are widely used in semiconductors, electronics, electrical, machinery, our experienced design, engineering, manufacturing, export experts are ready to help you with your next...

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  • Magnesium Tube Resistance

    Magnesium Tube Resistance

    Magnesium oxide ceramics are ceramic materials that contain at least 90% magnesium oxide (MgO).
    It has good mechanical strength and works well when uniformly heated or cooled and thermal shock is avoided.

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  • Mgo Head and Bottom

    Mgo Head and Bottom

    ​Mgo head and bottomElectric ceramic production, magnesium oxide ceramic products, excellent performance, price from the superior!Free samples can be provided to send, to sample drawings can be produced!Welcome new and old customers to...

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  • Seamless 304 Tube

    Seamless 304 Tube

    Standard:JIS, AISI, ASTM, GB, DIN, EN, GOST
    Place of Origin:dongguang, China
    Brand Name:HY
    Model Number:HY-316 Seamless 304 Tube

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  • Stainless Steel Tube Pipe

    Stainless Steel Tube Pipe

    1. Materials :201, 202, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 409, 430,440a, etc.
    2. Standards :ASTM, JIS, DIN, EN, GB
    3. Thickness :0.5-100mm or customer's requirement
    4. Outside diameter :0.6m or customer's requirement

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  • High Temperature Nickel Cable

    High Temperature Nickel Cable

    Why should high temperature wire be nickel plated? High Temperature Nickel Cable Anti - oxidation can be used to increase the weldability of contact surface du. Mainly for ZHI to meet the welding, conductive, wear and other...

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The product has not been used yet, but it has been installed and looks good. Friends who like it can start it quickly!
Your company always adheres to the principle of "continuous innovation and self-improvement", and your products are getting better and better.
The package was very well packaged and was not damaged in transit, we were very pleased with this.
This company stresses unity. This means that all employees should be united in thinking and working together, focusing on principles for major events and style for minor ones.
I sincerely recommend this supplier to everyone because both the quality and service are excellent!
I didn't expect the goods would arrive so soon, and I was very satisfied.
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We focus on product development and technological innovation, and design and produce our thermocouple terminals, coil heater for bolts, hot gas defrost with scientific and stable concepts. We're well-known as one of the leading alumina ceramic rod manufacturers and suppliers in China for our quality products and custom service. Please feel free to buy or wholesale bulk alumina ceramic rod at competitive price from our factory.