Thick Film Heater Formedical Gas

Thick Film Heater Formedical Gas

This thick film heater is a new type of heating element, which allows gas to flow in the tube and heat through the loop on the surface of the tube. Thanks to its compact size, it can help you to save a lot of space andelectricity.


Specifications of Thick Film Instant Heater 

1.Power: 90W

2.Voltage: 24V

3.Material: stainless steel 444

4.Heating tube size: 22*85mm*1.2mm(thickness), can be customized.

5. Ramp-Up Rate: 90℃/s

6.Dielectric Strength:1,500V/5mA/60s

7.Leakage Current:≤0.25mA

8.Tube Thickness:1.2mm

Compared with ordinary  heating elements, this thick film fast heater has the following advantages.

1. Large heating area (tubular structure)

2. Higher power density (60W/cm²)

3. Faster temperature response (up to 90℃/S)

4. Longer service life (>10000 hours)

5. Better heat transfer (≥97%).





Compared with traditional heating elements, thick film heating elements have small heat capacity, so the heating rate is very fast, and the residual heat is very small after power failure

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