Brass Coil Heater

Brass Coil Heater

Our factory can produce the Brass Coil Heater of any specification because our factory has the most complete production line in China.


Advantages of the Brass Coil Heater

1) The inlaid heating wire has a large contact area, and the hot nozzle is clamped by the tension of the copper sleeve itself. There is no gap, the fit is tight, and the appearance is neat and beautiful.

2) Use environmentally-friendly copper materials to reduce environmental pollution;

3) Energy-saving and electricity saving, saving cost.

4) Insulation is above 500 megohms, resistance is +/-1

Materials of the Brass Coil Heater:

1) High-quality resistance wire,

2) High-density magnesium oxide tube,

3) High-temperature resistant wire,

4) All high-quality raw materials are used,

Selection of heating wire:

Round heating wirediameter1.6mm1.8mm2.0mm2.2mm
Square flat heating wiresize2.2*4.23.0*3.03.5*3.5

(The specifications of the heating wire are used to select the thickness of the copper sleeve wall to save the space for opening the small mold.)

Application areas of the Brass Coil Heater:

1) Hot runner system

2) Injection mold,

3) Electronics industry,

4) Mechanical equipment,

5) Injection molding machine,

6) Medical machinery,

7) University laboratory


Personal customization of the Brass Coil Heater

1) Our company has a complete production line that can complete a variety of customized products.

2) Size specifications are customized according to customer requirements.

3) Customize power and voltage.

3) Arrange heating wires.

4) The inner diameter, length, and quantity of the copper sleeve.

5) Whether with thermocouple and model.

6) Lead length (standard 1 meter).

7) Punching temperature materials (especially ABS materials, PA66+30GF%, and other temperature-sensitive materials, please be sure to specify, in order to better and rationally design the arrangement of heating wires).

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Packaging & Shipping
- Packing: Carton box
- Delivery Lead Time: 3-5 working days
- Minimum Order: 1PCS
- Supply Ability: 300 per month
- Delivery Port Shanghai,Guangzhou etc.

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