Sauna Heater Element

Sauna Heater Element

Our company produces Sauna heater element for various dry burning environments. It is made of imported nickel-chromium alloy heating wire, stainless steel seamless pipe, and imported high-temperature magnesium powder containing 99% magnesium. It has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, long service life, convenient installation, hard mechanical strength, etc.


Details of Sauna heater element

1) Good firmness, adopting structural design that can withstand mechanical shock and vibration during use, and the fixed baffle structure is easy to fix and use the heating tube

2) High thermal efficiency, short size, high temperature, high surface load

3) Long service life. The use of high nickel alloy heating element has high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance, and the use of heat-resistant insulating magnesium oxide makes it significantly longer than traditional products.

4) Diverse models, varieties, and shapes, which can be customized according to customer needs.

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Order reminder

1) About product ordering: The above product pictures are for reference only, and drawings & samples are required for ordering.

2) About the online price: the online price is the sample price, and the bulk price needs to be determined according to the product drawing & quantity calculation, purchase contact customer service, & call our company to confirm.

3) Regarding delivery: non-standard customized products have certain production processes, and the actual delivery date is subject to customer service confirmation.


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