Sauna Heating Elements

Sauna Heating Elements

Sauna heating elements is the most versatile, reliable and robust heater among all electric heating equipment. Sauna heating elements are composed of nickel-chromium-resistant wire, SUS304, magnesium oxide, etc. However, customers can choose different materials and can also produce various shapes.


Product description of Sauna heating elements

1. We produce heating elements of various materials (SUS/PTFE/copper/Ti, etc.) according to customer requirements, which are generally used in industry/electrical/impregnation/air, etc.

2. There are many choices of Sauna heating elements.

3. We only use high-purity magnesium oxide, which provides greater heat transfer.

4. Sauna heating elements can insert straight pipes into machined grooves for conductive heat transfer, while shaped pipes can provide stable heat in any type of special application.

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Please read the following paragraphs before placing an order

We customize any Sauna heating elements according to customer requirements. No matter what heating problem you encounter, we can solve it for you. We are not only a professional manufacturer of heating elements, but also an excellent provider of heating solutions. According to materials and sizes , Quantity, shape, process, etc.! The price has changed. So before placing an order, please contact us to confirm the final price.


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