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In the face of new market competition condition, we have established a strategy to integrate our brand with international standards and continue to innovate to serve the global solid state relay, thermostatic tube heater, hot runner nozzle tips industry. Our company respects talents and pays attention to technology in the spirit of stability, development, loyalty, efficiency, unity and innovation. We regard environmental friendliness, employee health and production safety as the three cornerstones of our harmonious society and sustainable development. We have built up a culture of corporate responsibility, promoting the integration of responsibility into management, daily operations and the work of employees, forming a culture-led social responsibility model. Our reasonable and excellent talent ladder provides a solid foundation for the company's growth and new product development. In accordance with the requirements of the socialist market economy system, the company attaches great importance to the establishment of the corporate reputation and follows the integrity mechanism. We should face up to our shortcomings, give full play to our advantages and tap our potential to push forward our cause.
  • Hot Runner Heater

    Hot Runner Heater

    Cross-sectional area :3X3, 4.2X2.2, 4X2, 4x2.7, 4x2.5 3.3 X 3.3 3.5 X 3.5 4X 4 2.2X1.3

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  • Brass Copper Band Heater

    Brass Copper Band Heater

    Brass Copper Band Heater  Copper brass structure, energy saving, fast heating, suitable for injection molding machine. Other name:Electric Cast Plate Copper Heater  Brass Nozzle Heating Band Electric band Copper Nozzle Heater Element...

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  • Copper Nozzle Band Heaters

    Copper Nozzle Band Heaters

    Copper Nozzle Band Heaters Copper Nozzle Band Heaters  has mica, ceramic, microtubules and sealed type.A nozzle with a heater with a built-in thermocouple is also available.We recommend brass bushing and external high temperature...

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  • Electric Cartridge Heater

    Electric Cartridge Heater

    electric cartridge heater,220V 200W Electric Cartridge Heater For Injection Molding describe.There are two basic forms of drum heater for mould heating pellet igniter heater: high density and low density.Box heater is used for heating...

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  • Small Cartridge Heater

    Small Cartridge Heater

    small cartridge heater.Low Density Low Power Small Cartridge Heate.mini dc 12V 50W 3d printer cartridge heater with 300mm cable,Small Cartridge Heater,Industrial heater for mold heating

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  • Fast Heat Cartridge Heater

    Fast Heat Cartridge Heater

    fast heat cartridge heater. High Temperature Incoloy Cartridge Heaters Factory For 3D LCD Glass Hot Bending Machines,he heating element is a device consisting of MgO powder or MgO tube, ceramic cap, resistance wire (nicr 20/80).

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  • Heater Cartridges

    Heater Cartridges

    Mini Small Diameater 2mm 3mm 4mm Cartridge Heaters for 3D print Heater Cartridges,Heater Cartridges heater is made up of single head, electric heating tube, tube is to protect the shell

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  • Pencil Heater

    Pencil Heater

    pencil heater.Pencil Heater Resistant Cartridge For Extrusion Machine Pencil Heater It is a versatile and durable product that can be used to heat everything from plastics and packaging applications to critical care medical equipment...

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  • Stainless Steel Heating Element

    Stainless Steel Heating Element

    stainless steel heating element.CE ROHS NiCr Heating Wire Stainless Steel Heating Element Immersion Cartridge Heater.The cartridge heater can be designed in a variety of shapes according to customer requirements, allowing direct...

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  • Heating Rods Electric

    Heating Rods Electric

    Cartridge Heater And Heating Element Hot Water HeaterHeaters used in industrial environments are usually powered by electricity.Heating Rods Electric All electric heaters manufactured, heater elements made from specially designed...

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  • Hot End Heater Cartridge

    Hot End Heater Cartridge

    Hot Sell Electric Cartridge Tube Heater For Machine,The electric heater cartridge is a device made of MgO powder or MgO tube, ceramic cap, resistance wire (NiCr2080), high temperature lead, seamless stainless steel,Hot End Heater Cartridge

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  • 24v Heater Cartridge

    24v Heater Cartridge

    Customized 24v 200w Stainless Steel Electric Duct Cartridge Heater,The cylindrical heater is composed of cylindrical stainless steel tubes, so it has high corrosion resistance. A heating wire wound internally on a ceramic core.24v...

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Aluminum (Al) die casting alloys have a speci˜c gravity of approximately 2.7 g/cc, placing them among the lightweight structural metals. The majority of die castings produced worldwide are made from aluminum alloys. Six major elements constitute the die cast aluminum alloy system: silicon, copper, magnesium, iron, manganese, and zinc....

Based on mature and advanced technology and R&D capabilities, we inject widely recognized designs into our ptfe heater, mgo cap, mica sheet price to create mid-to-high-end products with more texture and style. We're well-known as one of the leading aluminium die casting manufacturers and suppliers in China for our quality products and custom service. Please feel free to buy or wholesale bulk aluminium die casting at competitive price from our factory.