Electric Cartridge Heater

Electric Cartridge Heater

electric cartridge heater,220V 200W Electric Cartridge Heater For Injection Molding describe.There are two basic forms of drum heater for mould heating pellet igniter heater: high density and low density.Box heater is used for heating plastic injection mould, mould, pressing plate, etc.,Electric Cartridge Heater


Electric Cartridge Heater The electric heater cartridge is a device consisting of MgO powder or MgO tube, ceramic cap, resistance wire (NiCr2080), high temperature lead, seamless stainless steel sheath (304,321,316,800,840).

Usually tubular, the metal block is inserted through a series of holes in the heating application.

Box heaters come in two basic forms: high density and low density.

Electric Cartridge Heateris used for heating plastic injection mold, mould, pressing plate, etc., while low density box heater is more suitable for packaging machinery, heat sealing, labeling machine and hot stamping

Cartridge heaters can be considered ;element heaters; and generate heat in many different applications.

These process heaters are used primarily in molds, fit in cavities, and help heat solids to high temperatures.

Electric Cartridge Heater is versatile and can carry thermocouples to help control the heater temperature more accurately.Electric Cartridge Heater

The various diameters allow it to be used in any cavity and can be customized with any cold section.

The leads extend from the end to the control panel.

Electric Cartridge Heater is a water heater element, widely used.

These applications include bag seal applications, hydraulic oil applications, oil applications, gear boxes, water heating applications, and laboratory and food equipment.

The enclosure can reach extreme temperatures because the box heater can be designed with a higher watt density.Electric Cartridge Heater

High power density box heaters may also have different types of lead connections.

In more machining, stainless steel braided leads are used to resist mechanical stress.

BX wiring can be used for additional protection, although it reduces lead flexibility.

All models of terminal pins are available.

The heater is composed of a high quality ni-cr resistance wire wrapped in a high quality MgO core which is located in the center of a stainless steel housing.Electric Cartridge Heater

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