Small Cartridge Heater

Small Cartridge Heater

small cartridge heater.Low Density Low Power Small Cartridge dc 12V 50W 3d printer cartridge heater with 300mm cable,Small Cartridge Heater,Industrial heater for mold heating


Small Cartridge Heater

The box heater used for molding is of the highest quality available.These heaters are the result of many years of perfecting high power density components that can last long at high temperatures.The early achievements of our design and manufacturing engineers meet the challenges of high temperature technology for industrial users and provide one

Excellent production base for all our drum heaters.

The box heater is versatile and can carry thermocouples to help control the heater temperature more accurately.The various diameters allow it to be used in any cavity and can be customized with any cold section.The leads extend from the end to the control panel.

The cartridge heater is a versatile and durable product used to heat a wide range of processes from heavy industry - plastics and packaging - to critical care medical equipment and analytical testing instruments, to aircraft, trains and trucks.

The cartridge heater can operate at temperatures up to 750 ° c and achieve a watt density of up to 30 watts per square centimeter.

Available from stock or custom manufactured to your personal application needs, they come in many different imperial and metric diameters and lengths with many different style terminals, wattage and rated voltages.Small Cartridge Heater

The cartridge heater is a good choice as a conduction source for heating solid metal plates, blocks and molds, as well as a convective heat source for various liquids and gases.

The cartridge heater can be used in a vacuum environment with appropriate design guidelines.

Small Cartridge Heater

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