Stainless Steel Heating Element

Stainless Steel Heating Element

stainless steel heating element.CE ROHS NiCr Heating Wire Stainless Steel Heating Element Immersion Cartridge Heater.The cartridge heater can be designed in a variety of shapes according to customer requirements, allowing direct immersion in liquids such as water, oil, solvents and process solutions, molten materials, and air and gases.Stainless Steel Heating Element


Heating element description:

Stainless Steel Heating Element

1.The cylinder heater consists of a cylindrical stainless steel tube, thus protecting itself from corrosion.

Power density up to 25 W/cm2, operating temperature up to 800°C(1472°F)

2.The cartridge heater is filled with magnesium oxide and compressed to avoid short circuit.

Inside there is a hot wire, wound into a ceramic core.

The number of coils depends on the power.

3.Various cartridge heaters are available.

We develop and produce cartridge heaters according to your special requirements.

Application of heating elements:Stainless Steel Heating Element

Food processing

Plastic mould

Medical equipment

Hot stamping

Liquid immersion

Packaging equipment

Label and seal

Mould & press plate

Injection molding

The nuclear industry

The car industry

Stainless Steel Heating Element

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