PTFE Coated Immersion Heater

PTFE Coated Immersion Heater

PTFE sleeved 304 stainless elements inert to most solutions up to 212°F (100°C). Low watt density design 10 watts/square inch (1.5w/cm²). Vapor resistant, flame retardant polypropylene terminal enclosure with 3 ft (.9m) flexible PVC liquid tight conduit.PTFE Coated Immersion Heater Grounded internal metal element and built in thermal protector. Replaceable P1 protector standard for solutions up to 180°F(82°C). Certification: ISO9001, CE certified


1,For more safety, we use high quality anti-flaming sealant for better fire protection.PTFE Coated Immersion Heater

2,We use good quality wires which is exceed the national standard, so even if the heater working long hours, it will not cause fire.

3,Each heater can add Anti-dry safety function, to prevent fires.

4,We can add the below function based on customer’s demand:

Intelligent temperature control (accuracy: ±1℃)

Bearing power/ timing switch/ liquid level protection.

hotsale OEM shape 4kw PTFE heat electric PTFE heater coated immersion heater

PTFE Coated Immersion Heater

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